In the midst of some circumstances, two summers ago, I found myself interested in the subject of the national identity. The development of this series of works came as a social comment about the today’s remnants of the former Soviet domination, whose reminiscences still exist in a poverty-stricken society, constantly in disarray, where people no longer find their place and are forced to leave.

I started by exploring the social landscape of my city, Chisinau, the interests of young people, the lives of the people of my generation, the similarities with other post-soviet societies. Some cityscapes are so familiar that anyone from the post-soviet space can relate to.

Although today the borders of Moldova are open widely to the West and there may be the possibility and the means for a national, social and cultural reinvention, I think that the Moldovan society still suffers from an identity crisis, amidst an atmosphere of chaos and decay, of instability caused by far too deep trauma. My work talks about those small activities and urban landscapes that keep us in the same place, although we have access to so many other visions.


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