The myth behind the Chinese Rat Symbol

The Chinese New Year of 2020 is coming with lots of prosperity and fortune, as it is the Rat Year. Thus, the “Golden Rat” is in high demand because people believe that the idol of a rat will bring luck and hope into their life. This Golden Rat is a limited edition sculpture in bronze available on Artillustro so you can have one in your collection now. It is significant to bring fortune, and the gold finish denotes a bright future throughout the year ahead. According to the Chinese zodiac signs, rat plays an important role in their culture and tradition.

What is the Myth behind the Chinese Rat Year?

2020 is going to be the year of the rat. Different animals like rat, snake, tiger, rabbit, etc. represent the Chinese years. According to the legend, once the Jade Emperor summoned all the animals to a party and decided the order of a zodiac sign as per their visit. While ox was first in the lane, the rat tricked him and asked for a ride. As the ox approached the finishing line, the rat jumped and touched it and became first.

What is the Significance of Rat in Chinese Culture?

According to Chinese culture, a rat is regarded as a symbol of cleverness, wit, tricks, success, peace, and quietness. In terms of Yin-Yang, a rat is a yang as it represents the beginning of a new day. It is also a symbol of surplus and wealth. Thus, farmers always worship rats in China. Due to their over-protective nature, married couples also pray for babies.

Significance of Rat in Chinese Zodiac

2020 is represented as the year of a metal rat. Thus, you can gift this Golden rat bronze sculpture as a New Year present to have in every household. According to the Chinese zodiac signs, the rat represents wisdom. People who are born in any rat year have traits like intelligence, wit, charm, ambition, practical, and social. However, the rat year-born is timid, greedy, stubborn, wordy, power-monger, devious, and gossip-lover. Their lucky numbers are 2 and 3, and their lucky gemstone is garnet.

Thus, Golden Rat is high in demand in the coming year. So, what are you waiting for? Shop this limited edition sculpture of bronze from Artillustro and make your fortune bright and wonderful.

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A unique gift for the winter holidays

The festive year-end season is here, and it is the time for people to gift each other for winter holidays. You might have made a list of people you wish to gift and now looking for a unique gift for Hanukkah or Christmas. How would you like gifting artistically crafted bronze sculptures? These are surely great gifts to gift your cousin, favorite aunt, or your beloved parents and spouse. Nevertheless, if you are confused about what to pick and gift, here are a few cool options for a Hanukkah or Christmas present.

Gift Ideas for the Favorite People in Your Life

You might have seen marble statues available in the market. However, the bronze, as a medium, is fantastic on its own. It has more characters and with the right lighting, can add to the beauty of the home. You will find several options to pick as a Hanukkah or Christmas present for your most favorite people from Artillustro. The store has an amazing collection of glamorous statues and sculptures in bronze.

Storks: If you are planning to gift your parents or your cousin who care for you, the bronze sculpture of Storks is great. The sculpture is chic and represents your love and the long-lasting care you have for them.

The Musician: If your girlfriend or wife cares for something aesthetic, the musician sculpture in Bronze will be the best. She will find the musician as a casually exotic representation in bronze. It will help more if your girlfriend is a lover of music and wants to display her love for the same in the form of art. The sculpture will win a special place in her heart for sure!

Horse: If you are checking out a Christmas presentfor your boyfriend, husband, or any special male, go for the horse sculpture in bronze. The horse, with its flying mane and tail, looks as majestic as possible. They can keep the statue on their office desk or study desk for life as a sweet remembrance.

The Merger: If you are planning to gift your parents or grandparents with some heartfelt gift, the Merger is a perfect choice. It displays the unity of two and directly implies how their presence in your life is a wonderful balance you need.

As a unique gift for winter holidays, the bronze sculptures from Artillustro will be simply the best choice you have ever made!

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Home where art and good taste lives

When we consider interior designing concepts, we are left with 100’s of templates and options to contemplate. Based on whatever a person likes, interior designs with different objects and ornaments are the order of the day. Many may choose to ignore, considering them as an afterthought. However, proper interior design with sculptures home décor is more than an afterthought and enhances the overall glamour of your interiors. 

Why Should You Decorate Home Designs with Art/ Sculpture Objects?

Art can beautify an ordinary-looking room. This applies to both abstract and regular art forms. Considering the background and selection of an appropriate art, you can express your personality. There are plenty to choose among the collection, and the artwork sales are booming thanks to many opting these to fit their decors.

Right from the collection of modern to realistic and minimalistic work of art, the sculptures are entities that are prominent over regular wall portraits. These are easily eye-catchy, and the work done with different materials is sure to attract many. Different rooms in the house require unique types of art, and not all will suit the ambiance and settings of the place. For instance, a torso of ancient sculpture art by Da Vinci will suit a dining space over the living room.

Key Things to Note

It is important to consider what will blend naturally in every room. This has a lot to do with the paint colors, interior lighting, which plays a critical role in determining the appropriate sculpture/ art collection worth placing. Here is the checklist to ensure before you choose/ opt a piece of art.

  1. Size of a Room: Consider, the size of a room is bigger. In this case, larger sculptures would fit appropriately.
  2. Furniture: The furniture designs matter a lot considering maintaining a natural flow.

How to Place Sculptures To Catch More Attention?

More often than not, you would love formal appreciation from the guests and friends visiting your house. You expect sculptures arranged in such a way, where it is masterfully placed considering other aspects covered. One of the best ways is by understanding the lighting details. If you have a sculpture with a decent amount of light focusing on the statue, the first thing your visitors will notice is the beautification of sculptures.

Final Thoughts

Sculptures are vital in promoting the beauty of a property considerably. Without these and proper designs, even your costly interiors will not make much of a sense. Thus, these sculptures for sale from Artillustro are for every room and suit all the rooms individually.

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Redecorate your home from the comfort of your home

Whether you’re starting with an unfurnished canvas or looking for one statement piece to upgrade an area, it’s difficult to determine where exactly to begin when shopping for your space. As much as the internet is our ally in these DIY endeavors, it can also turn into our worst enemy. We start by Googling a simple keyword, only to end up with an endless sea of #home decor items — turning our search from fun treasure hunt to survival of the strongest.

To avoid any search-result overload, along with misguided over-spending, we rounded up our favorite paintings and sculptures. Scroll through the destinations ahead, curated by “best for” styles, and take some of the headache out of home shopping. It’s time to kick back, relax, and click your way to a better space — without needing to leave your couch.

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