Judaic art in a radical vision

“Art for me is the purest language of the imagination. It is a place of freedom and exploration where we can encounter many levels of ourselves and our experiences. Sometimes they are random, like our thoughts, and sometimes more meaningful. Though many of these images are Parve, and not ostensibly religious in character, they are kosher. B’teavon!” 

“In the long run, my vision of art is within the world of Judaic/art, though hopefully in a more radical sense. Though I am guided by the tradition of our books, I cannot pretend I do not live in the time I live, nor see the things I see or have seen. My imagination, both as a cultural product and as a limitless spiritual reality, sees beyond the conventional images we are used to. And no matter how black someone coat is or their beard, they also live today, they only fight against  it in other ways, but they are aware of the world around us. We are all modern orthodox. Not selective, but modern”. 

“The subjects in the paintings are of people I met, either in my imagination or in life. In either case, they are equally personal and familiar to me. They end up in the same place, within my mind’s eye, as a thought, a reflection and image, a feeling, a memory. They are alive in my mind, as friends, children of mine, and I want to allow them greater expression and so I transfer them into paint and then they have a life of their own and their own freedom outside of my dominion. 

In life and in painting, I cannot pretend to separate my perception and emotions from reality. How I feel and who someone is I cannot distinguish. My only discretion is that I see joy and life and positivity. If not, I cannot fully accept it. I do not split or chop or dissect. The stirring of the eye, to the mind, to the heart, reaches into the paint and onto the canvas, back out through the mind and the eye into the personality of the subject in front of you, who then passes through  the your eye and mind into your space of self and life. 

My highest aim is to paint with G-d. In the paint, on the brush, in my eye. The quality and life of any painting to me is commensurate with how in touch with this I was at the point of creation. I do not split. I do not chop wood down the middle and measure. Neither with a ruler nor words.  Whatever words we speak, at best, can only become more paint on the canvas.  You’re welcome to paint with me.” 

Noah Lubin,

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